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Monad provides a connecting layer to unite security data silos and enable teams to build data-native security and compliance programs.

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Christian Almenar
CEO & Co-founder
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Jacolon Walker
CTO & Co-founder

Our story

Cybersecurity is one of the hardest problems facing humanity, and the state of security data gets worse every year. New threats emerge and new tools crop up to tackle them, but none of the tools place nice together.

  • Security vendors are not incentivized to make data export easy. They keep their users inside their tools.
  • Data warehousing vendors have generally seen ingestion and transformation as outside their core competency and value proposition.
  • Security teams are not equipped to build data infrastructure on their own.

We've built a world-class team to create the infrastructure needed to solve the data problem in security. Monad builds enterprise-grade connectors for security teams to export data from their most important security tools, transform it into whichever data model they need, and deliver it to their data warehouse.

We value a sense of adventure: we left stable jobs to start this company in the middle of a pandemic, because we knew there was a need to solve real security problems. We value openness to change: for things to get better, we have to look carefully at what's holding us back. We thrive through failure: only by trying things quickly can you truly tell if they're useful or not.

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