Advancing Data-Driven Security: Monad Adds CrowdStrike EDR, Elasticsearch, and GitHub Advisory

November 28, 2023
Darwin Salazar

In an era where cybersecurity and data visibility are paramount, Monad is excited to announce the support of CrowdStrike Falcon EDR, the Github Advisory Database, and Elasticsearch into our platform. These connectors represent a significant leap in our commitment to providing unparalleled insights into your security posture with an approach that’s tailored to meet the emerging challenges of the cybersecurity world. 

To see a full list of our supported integrations, click here.

Enhancing Endpoint Security Analytics with CrowdStrike

With the integration of CrowdStrike's EDR, we have enhanced our Monad Object Model (MoM) with a new table tailored for EDR events. This addition simplifies the data normalization and transformation process, enabling you to get the most out of your endpoint security analytics.


With Monad’s ELT process, users can now extract their findings and alerts from Falcon EDR and convert it into the MoM schema. This process not only prepares the data for enhanced analysis, but also enables the creation of custom dashboards in the output destination of your choice. This integration empowers users to adopt a data-driven strategy for endpoint security, enabling more precise detection and analysis of threats, thus providing a nuanced and effective approach to their security posture.

Unlocking Vulnerability Blindspots with GitHub Advisories


The GitHub Advisory Database stands out as a pivotal resource for uncovering vulnerabilities that may be overlooked by other databases. Its uniqueness lies in aggregating vulnerabilities from both key databases and the open-source community. It pools data from diverse sources, including GitHub advisories, the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), and specific language databases like npm Security Advisories, FriendsOfPHP, Go Vulnerability, Python Packaging Advisory, Ruby Advisory, and RustSec Advisory databases.

What truly sets it apart is its open structure which invites contributions from developers worldwide. This not only enhances its accuracy but also accelerates the reporting of vulnerabilities, often faster than other databases. For example, in the screenshot above, there's a 'Critical' severity vulnerability found in ‘ctx’ which is hosted in PyPI yet it does not have a CVE ID. This highlights a common blindspot in vulnerability awareness which can be uncovered by ingesting GitHub Advisory Database vulnerabilities into the analytics platform of your choice including Snowflake, Amazon Security Lake, Elasticsearch, and more! 

By combining this enhanced visibility with leading AppSec solutions like Semgrep, Snyk, or SonarQube, Monad's integration takes vulnerability management to a new level. Experience this innovative blend of integrations with a free trial of Monad Basic and transform your vulnerability management process by starting your journey today! 

Enhancing Security Data Management with Elasticsearch

Monad's cutting-edge ELT pipelines enable you to export, load, and transform vast amounts of data - hundreds of millions of rows daily - from key security tools into your Elasticsearch instance. This integration harnesses and enhances Elasticsearch's robust real-time search and analytics capabilities, streamlining the storage, retrieval, and visualization of security data for even the most complex use cases.

Key Benefits and Sample Use Cases:

  1. Advanced Vulnerability Management Dashboards: Create dynamic dashboards by aggregating data from multiple sources. This centralized approach enhances the tracking and prioritization of vulnerabilities, significantly strengthening your cybersecurity measures.

  1. Comprehensive Identity Graphs: Utilize data from various identity and access management solutions to build detailed identity graphs. This consolidation aids in effective user behavior monitoring and anomaly detection, crucial for comprehensive access control and policy enforcement.

  1. Improved Threat Detection and Incident Response: Leverage the power of aggregated security data for sophisticated threat detection and faster response times. Elasticsearch's capacity to process large datasets enables efficient correlation of security events, elevating your ability to quickly identify and mitigate threats.

By centralizing security data in Elasticsearch, Monad empowers you to transform your security data into actionable insights, enhancing your decision-making and analytical capabilities.


Continuing to Empower Your Security Journey 

Monad's added support of CrowdStrike Falcon EDR, the GitHub Advisory Database, and Elasticsearch signifies a major leap forward in powering data-driven security strategies. By enabling users to centralize and transform their EDR and vulnerability data through our robust ELT processes, we provide our users with unparalleled visibility and flexibility to enhance their security strategies. These integrations showcase our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that effectively tackle complex security challenges, rather than just expanding our integration coverage for its own sake.

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