Monad Basic: Start moving and transforming security data today

September 12, 2023
Christian Almenar
Jacolon Walker

Starting today, you can use Monad Basic to move up to a million rows of data from your security tools to your data warehouse and transform it into a schema of your choosing, for free. 

For most teams, this will be enough to start identifying their most pressing issues and get to work solving them. For instance, start by combining data from a vulnerability management tool, an asset management system, and a threat intelligence dataset to see exposed, high-priority vulnerabilities and whether they match currently known exploits. And if you need more than a million rows, we’ve got a license for that; Monad Enterprise customers can scale up to move hundreds of millions of rows of security data per connector per day. 

From the beginning, our goal at Monad has been to make the world more secure through data. But as anyone who works in this industry will tell you, the world will never be completely secure. There’s always a problem to solve.

So we set out to make it easier to use data to find the most urgent problems and solve them first. Security data lakes make security tools play nice together, give teams a birds-eye view of their environments, and allow you to ask extremely precise questions of your security data. You can hone in on your most pressing issues, and know when they’ve been solved. 

This is the key promise of security data lakes; you must accept that you will never be fully secure, but you can rest easy knowing you’re securing yourself as efficiently and effectively as you can afford to with the resources at your disposal. Building a security data lake on your own is no easy task; every connector takes painstaking work to set up and maintain. But now with the release of Monad Basic, anyone can get started building a data-native security program like this with the full functionality of Monad, for free, with nothing but a few clicks and an API key.

Our goal is not just to help teams embark on a new way of securing themselves; it’s to reinvent the way security tools are taken to market. Nothing sells security software like the fear of being the latest big name brand to fall victim to a public breach, and FUD has been one of the most reliable sales tools for the security industry for decades. But it shouldn’t be. Rather than stoke fear to sell software, we want to create peace of mind for our customers. 

Despite how obvious and simple that sounds, it’s pretty unconventional. Just walk the floor of RSA and you’ll see a mountain of brands sporting harsh metallic color schemes and mascots like cyberpunk robots or giant digital swords and shields. 

We aren’t going to compete this way. Our products aren’t embodied by combative sci-fi tropes. We make software that makes everything else play nice together and saves our customers time. Monad turns off the massive wall of red-blinking warning lights and creates peace of mind that you’ve done what you can today.

To reflect this philosophy, we have a new look! Take a poke around the site and see what you think. We’ll be sharing a deeper dive into the work we did to build our new brand in a future blog. Until then, get into Monad Basic! Start moving data and see what you can do with it. If you need help, check out our FAQ or send us an email at