Ransomware Visibility at Your Fingertips: Monad Adopts CISA’s KEV Ransomware Column

October 20, 2023
Darwin Salazar

Here’s some news that got us excited: Last week, CISA introduced a 'ransomware' column in its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) catalog to highlight vulnerabilities exploited in ransomware attacks. In light of this, our product and engineering teams worked diligently to bring this update into our CISA KEV enrichment connector.

CISA KEV ransomware column displayed in Snowflake via Monad’s CISA enrichment connector.

What does this mean for you?

By incorporating this column into our connector, we're channeling ransomware insights directly into your security data lake, whether it resides in Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon Security Lake, BigQuery, or any of our other supported output destinations. This enables you to prioritize vulnerabilities that have been leveraged in past ransomware campaigns with ease.

This crucial data point not only facilitates enhanced remediation prioritization, but also empowers you to build metrics, dashboards, and monitor for where vulnerabilities associated with certain ransomware campaigns are present. While it’s clear that vulnerability management is a massive undertaking and a necessary evil, Monad is here to help you cut through the noise and focus on the truly exploitable and reachable vulnerabilities.

Our Commitment

This update underscores our commitment to helping you traverse the complex landscape of cybersecurity threats with sharper, more precise data. We're all about democratizing your security data—making it accessible and actionable across your organization. By marrying ransomware insights with data from your security solutions and delivering it to where you need it, in a unified format, Monad helps you maximize the value of your security data, unlocking use cases and visibility that were not possible before.

If you’d like to test out our updated connector, you can do so, for free, with our Monad Basic offering.

Stay Tuned

We continue to evolve our platform and onboard new connectors to help you make the most out of your security data and stay ahead of the adversary. To stay tuned and have the updates delivered straight to your inbox, subscribe down below!