Monad’s value as a software engineer

August 4, 2022
Lara Ares Gosende

Hi, I’m known as Casper. I have been working in the cybersecurity industry for most of my career; I started in automation engineering then honed in on software development for the last seven years. As a software engineer, I’m mainly responsible for building and securing applications. Essentially, my team and I have the responsibility to ensure code security, that apps are responsive, and that we’re following the safest practices. These vulnerability assessments serve to validate and secure our work throughout the application development cycle. We know, however, that due to human errors, vulnerabilities can persist indefinitely.

Monad’s implementation provides a layer of cyber resilience and security, which gives me and the people in my team one less thing to worry about. The Monad Object Model - affectionately known as MoM, pinpoints code errors in my workflow. MoM provides a stronger cybersecurity framework for the application, and also saves me significant time and effort since I don’t have to spend hours looking for potential code vulnerabilities anymore.

Typically, in order to secure their applications, software engineers need to constantly and thoroughly scan for potential vulnerabilities individually from each SAST tool. This often becomes tedious, time-consuming, and overwhelming, especially for those engineers who aren’t as familiarized with vulnerability management tools. Despite dozens and sometimes hundreds of vendors offering products covering aspects of cybersecurity, it is difficult to move or aggregate information among these products.

MoM introduces the ability to integrate and visualize all vulnerability information from the connected SAST tools. With a holistic view of all vulnerabilities in a central data model, software engineers can create tickets and rapidly remediate vulnerabilities in the code before it goes into production, all without the need for code-switching or in-depth knowledge about each security tool. By incorporating Monad into our workflow, my team no longer has to spend time searching for vulnerability information within each individual security tool, which saves us time and provides a layer of cyber resilience for our applications.

I joined Monad several months ago after learning more about the team’s vision. As a software engineer and a coder, I’m inspired by a position that challenges me and stretches my ability and creativity into different areas. I believe in Monad’s promise, and I’m excited to contribute in developing the idea and watching this company—and its important cybersecurity outreach—grow.

You can learn more about unifying your vulnerability data with Monad here.