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Monad partners with Databricks to bring data-driven security to customers

April 18, 2023
Liam Hausmann

Monad, the data-driven security software company, today announced they have partnered with Databricks, the lakehouse company, to help customers protect their business, teams and technology by unifying their security data and delivering it directly into the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

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Monad integrates with Snyk, improves vulnerability management for Vertiv

April 6, 2023
Jacolon Walker

Snyk’s security findings become even more powerful as Monad helps teams analyze and act upon them.

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How I transformed my job using Monad (at Monad)

September 15, 2022
Pasha Kravtsov

Security engineers are familiar with the setbacks of using security tools that aren’t designed to work together. Here at Monad, we’re working to remediate this.

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